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Trivia People

Apr 30, 2015

Today marks the 115th anniversary of the death of legendary train engineer Casey Jones.
Here are some things you may not know about Casey Jones:
One: On board engine number 382, Jones and fireman Sim Webb departed Memphis, Tennessee for Canton, Mississippi. By the time they took over, the train was 95 minutes...

Apr 29, 2015

Today marks the 245th anniversary of Captain James Cook landing at Botany Bay near present-day Sydney, Australia.
Here are some things you might not know about Cook, Botany Bay and the British settlement of Australia.
First: Cook led three voyages which included many notable firsts. His crew were the first...

Apr 28, 2015

April 28 marks the 226th anniversary of the mutiny aboard the HMS Bounty in the South Pacific.
Here are some things you may not have known about the mutiny:
One: The Bounty, under the command of lieutenant William Bligh, was sailing to Tahiti to gather breadfruit to transplant to the West Indies as a food...

Apr 27, 2015

Today marks the 21st anniversary of the first democratic election in South Africa in which black people were allowed to vote. It is now a national holiday called "Freedom Day."
Here are some things you might not have known about that election.
First: It was the end of the four-year process that ended Apartheid,...

Apr 25, 2015

Today marks the 230th anniversary of the birth of naturalist John James Audubon.
Here are a few things you may not have known about Audubon:
First: The author of "Birds of America" and inspiration for the Audubon Society was born to French parents in what is now Haiti in 1785.
Second: At age 18, Audubon...