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Trivia People

Apr 29, 2015

Today marks the 245th anniversary of Captain James Cook landing at Botany Bay near present-day Sydney, Australia.
Here are some things you might not know about Cook, Botany Bay and the British settlement of Australia.
First: Cook led three voyages which included many notable firsts. His crew were the first Europeans to sail around New Zealand, the first to reach the Hawaiian Islands and the first to set foot in Eastern Australia. 
Second: Botany Bay was originally named Stingray Harbour for the large number of the fish Cook’s crew found in the bay.
Third: Botany Bay was originally planned to be the site of a British penal colony, which was instead moved north to what is now Sydney Harbour. Botany Bay is the site of Sydney’s international airport and the city’s largest container ship port  
A quick fourth fact about Australia: It’s the second biggest audience for this podcast after the United States. Thank you to all of our listeners in Australia and around the world.
Our question: Which “Star Trek” villain is found aboard the SS Botany Bay?
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