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Trivia People

Apr 25, 2015

Today marks the 230th anniversary of the birth of naturalist John James Audubon.
Here are a few things you may not have known about Audubon:
First: The author of "Birds of America" and inspiration for the Audubon Society was born to French parents in what is now Haiti in 1785.
Second: At age 18, Audubon emigrated to the United States, where he lived in poverty until traveling to England to begin publishing "Birds of America" between 1827 and 1838.
Third: In 2010 a complete first edition of "Birds of America" sold at auction in London for 7.3 million pounds (approximately $11.5 million U.S.)
Fourth: Audubon died of what would later be called Alzheimer's disease in 1848.
Our question: While Audubon was touring England and Scotland raising money to publish "Birds of America," one of his demonstrations was attended by what future noted naturalist? 
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