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Trivia People

May 31, 2015

25 years ago today, the first episode of “Seinfeld” with its complete core cast debuted on NBC.
Here are some things you may not have known about the show:
First: The pilot episode, titled "The Seinfeld Chronicles" featured the characters of Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza and Jerry's wacky neighbor named Kessler. For the episode that aired on May 31, 1990, Kessler's name had been changed to Kramer and the character of Elaine Benes was introduced,
Second: After the pilot, NBC ordered four more episodes, at the time the smallest series order ever by a major network. The first non-pilot episode earned a 24 share, meaning 24 percent of TVs in operation were tuned in.
Third: The show didn't enter the Top 10 in the ratings until its fifth season, when it was the third-ranked show. It never ranked below second in its final four seasons.
Our question: What is the only movie that Jerry Seinfeld has played a character with a name that wasn’t “Jerry Seinfeld”? 
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